Trusted Merchant

Inspiring Customer Confidence Worldwide

Look for the Trusted Merchant Trustbadge displayed by online stores throughout the web, the premier indicator that the store is committed to delivering the right product, on time, and with the best customer service.

Every Merchant that displays the TM Trustbadge is demonstrating their commitment to on-time product delivery, excellent customer service, and prompt refunds when necessary.

Click on the Trustbadge where;

  • Compliance can be verified.
  • Complaint ticket can be raised.
  • A TM team member will take ownership.

The customer is updated through each stage of the resolution process.

Thousands of products are ordered online every day that are never received.

Consumers find out that customer service is unresponsive or non-existed too late.

Refunds are often promised, but never received.

Try to purchase online from a merchant displaying the Trusted Merchant Trustbadge to help mitigate problems with the order. 

The TMO Trustbadge compliments other Trustbadges and Trustmarks.

TMO trust is based on previous good performance metrics

Successful resolution of customer service issues

NOT solely based on Customer Reviews


When considering Trustbadges

  1. Is the Trustbadge backed up by a Satisfaction Compliance Team 24/7?
  2. Does the Trustbadge require Merchant conformance to basic performance metrics to retain membership?
  3. Most Trustbadges are based on customer reviews. Although reviews are an important measure of shop trustworthiness, reviews are rarely authenticated against verified purchases.
  4. A small fraction of customers actually write reviews. Customers are much more likely to report a bad experience than a good one. Merchants can take a long time to build Consumer Trust based on review history alone.

Each TMO Team member is an experienced eCommerce professional. 

Trusted Merchant is an American company, and all our agents are based in the USA.

No limits on Member size, big or small.

TMO is integrated with all the common eCommerce platforms.

Check Ecommerce platform Application Store for TMO Application.

Advertised throughout social media and the search engines,

Premier Trustbadge proven to increase customer trust, and associated sales.


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